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Salutations to all.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks and express my deepest gratitude to Stéphane Chaudesaigues, who, as the master of ceremonies, provided us with a seminar of the highest caliber.

Where do I start? Maybe with Cécile and Stéphane’s warm welcome as I arrived in Avignon, a city that I had...


Hi everyone,

At long last, the French tattoo community will soon be able to rub elbows with the best in the hobby. Big thanks go out to Stéphane and Cécile Chaudesaigues for all the energy they have put in launching this great project. Feel free to join in the adventure by signing up and support the event. We’re grateful for...


It’s been said that congratulations and accolades are a polite expression of jealousy, but we couldn’t help applauding when we found out that a series of star-studded seminars on tattooing was about to be held in Avignon.

It makes us wish we had come up with the idea first.

With a host like Nikko Hurtado under the...

I would love to meet Nikko, one of the most talented artists and the kindest people there is. That would be a dream come true for me. I can be available any of the three days during the convention if he’s interested in my tattoo.

My project is just missing a great artist to become a reality. I would like a baby white tiger done in black...


It’s about time someone in France took this initiative.

Pros have been able to attend master classes for years in the U.S. and it’s great to see that this won’t be a one-time affair.

I’d love to attend more seminars in the future and learn from the best. Many thanks to the Chaudesaigues family for bringing to us the...




Are you serious?

Tattoo seminars are happening in France now? And Nikko Hurtado is headlining the first one! It was about time someone decided to bring to France big names in tattooing for informative sessions. Hats off to you guys for taking on this project and...