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Thank you Cécile and Stéphane for organizing this great seminar. I will do my best to attend another one of these in the future. Talk to you later.



Hi Cécile and Stéphane, and thanks for the great seminar with Nikko Hurtado. It went very well, was well organized and the translations were perfect.



The seminar was awesome.

See you soon for the seminar with Bob Tyrrell and Shane O'neill!!!




Hi, I’m dropping you a few lines to let you know that I’m very interested in finding out more about your event as described on your website.

I have taken part in many seminars before, both as a lecturer and as a spectator, but in a very different field.  I have recently discovered the art of tattooing, and as a 56 year-old, I’d...


Hi Cécile.

I was very pleased to finally meet you and I’d like to thank you for your kindness throughout the seminar. Some day, I hope to be able to speak English as well as you do. Take care.



Hi Cécile, just a quick note to once again thank you for the formidable seminar and for the opportunity to meet so many great people in Avignon. You and Stéphane were very kind, sensitive and encouraging, and as a budding tattoo artist, I can appreciate that.