Gerard from Metz



I’m not a tattoo artist but I’d like to say that I dig what you are doing for tattooing as a business and in general. I’m so happy I will get a tattoo from Nikko after the seminar. I already had some work done by him when he was in Paris for a convention a few years ago. This is where I first met Shane O’Neill and Liocifer from Paul Booth’s. I was taken aback by the quality of their work. Seeing tats in a magazine is one thing, but nothing lives up to an up-close encounters. Having been under his needles, I can tell you that Nikko has truly been touched by the tattoo gods. In fact, I have already made another appointment to get more ink from Nikko when he will be at the Cantal In’k The Skin in 2013. When we have a little more time, I will ask you, Stéphane, to do a portrait of my mother. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the end of May.